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Background, Experience & Philosophy

We lead busy lives, eat for the sake of eating, drink energy to stay awake, we are not only pouring in excess calories, but because many manufacturers look for monetary yield rather than the healthy life of their consumers, we are becoming more and more intolerant and allergic to foods, we are more stressed and in demand in the office, at home or at school.

So we reach for a quick fix, to fill a hole or a void. Over the past ten years, Youtrition’s creator has been working in the nutrition sector both here in New Zealand and abroad in Canada and the USA. Youtrition believes in a whole body and mind approach to nutrition.

Allowing each client to feel a part of their own process and journey and to make nutrition a natural part of their lives rather than something to be endured. We don’t believe in shortcuts, fad diets or unsustainable nutrition. We believe that every nutritional success story starts with the personal attention and understanding we provide.

I have found Alyssa to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and gut health. Two things I’ve struggled with over a long period and now wish I had the insight to visit a nutritionist years ago.


Alyssa has taught me such valuable knowledge & skills that have enabled me to reduce stress & weight both physically and mentally.


Of all the services that I accessed in my latest relationship with the fitness industry, I found the nutrition advice I received from Alyssa Wright to be the most valuable.



Youtrition is here to reset you, educate and empower you to take control back over YOUR body. To teach YOU how to improve your choices, to help YOU get closer to your goals.

Youtrition specializes in gluten free, lactose free and low FODMAP diets for IBS sufferers, but also in weight loss and general healthy eating to improve your quality of life. A better body comes from better sleep, better digestion, better moods and better energy and making it all about YOU.


Do I need to have a consultation before being prescribed with natural medicine?

You will need an initial consultation before any prescriptions can be made for you. This is to make sure you're getting effective and compatible products.

I need to make a booking before visiting you?

You will need to book in before visiting one of our office locations to ensure your needs are met correctly.

Do You Offer Gluten Free Recipes?

Not only do we offer gluten free, but we offer recipes for most intolerances. We offer low FODMAP recipes, dairy free, nut free and meat free recipes.

Are You Open On Holidays?

We're available during holidays yes.

How Can I Contact You?

You can fill out the Contact Form, e-mail us at or call us on 027 267 3037

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